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Precast Walls and Column

Precast concrete walls are an attractive construction option providing consistency and cost efficiency.
Precast concrete walls are classified in categories according to their final intended application. All walls can be produced in a multitude of surface finishes (exposed aggregates, bush hammered, color) and patterns providing architects with unique design freedom.

Single layer panels

Flat or architectonic solid walls consist of a single concrete layer, reinforced to the required structural design loads of either load bearing or non wall bearing cladding panels

Precast sandwich panels

Precast sandwich panels, made up of 3 layers, provide a superior energy efficiency solution coupled with high fire resistance for exterior walls.
Precast sandwich panels can be used as entire wall structures (internal and external) and do not require any further internal wall finish, thus allowing substantial time, cost and energy savings. They provide noise insulation as well.

Hollowcore wall panels

PPrestressed hollow core panels are suitable for industrial halls cladding and boundary walls.
They reduce the weight of the panels.

Architectural walls

Are reinforced and can be used as a part of a total precast concrete Structure solution.

Structural precast columns

Are reinforced and can be used as a part of a total precast concrete Structure solution.

Double wall panels

“Prémurs” made up of 2 interconnected panels (with or without an isolation sheet) to be filled in with concrete in lieu of the standard costly and fastidious formwork. (murs banchés)


  • Design flexibility (limited only by your imagination)
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Superior strength
  • Exterior cladding can easily be designed to handle structural building loads, thus reducing the need for other structural components
  • Ease of installation and time saving.
  • Consistent high quality since the mix design is produced in a controlled plant environment
  • Efficiency by arriving on site ready to install
  • Low maintenance, impervious to handling severe weather conditions