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Hollow Core & Preslabs

Precast Hollow core slabs

Precast prestressed hollow core slabs are manufactured mechanically over heated steel beds and then cut to the required lengths. It offers, besides the friendly environmental fabrication process, the following known prefabrication benefits:

  • Speed of site erection
  • Absence of any intermediate propping
  • Top and bottom volumes ready for other trade works upon casting of the 6 cm concrete topping
  • Semi, if not totally finished soffit
  • Voids available for services (electricity etc)
  • This type of slab is strongly recommended for spans of 6 m up to 15 m and can sustain heavy loads


To make things even more attractive, SOPREL came up with the “LIFTING HOOKS” approved system that offers the following bonus: Ease of handling, both during offloading and site erection.

More importantly, the structure integrity is preserved since, with the standard process, the slab has to be ripped after offloading to enable the removal of belts causing either the distortion of the stirrups or, at worse, their removal.

Avis Technique 1 Avis Technique 2


Preslabs are available either as reinforced concrete or prestressed concrete planks, both in 240 cm typical standard width, with spans in the 4 to 6 m range.

Both require adequate intermediate propping but no form work and can sustain the design loads after the completion of the additional steel reinforced concrete topping